Room Description & Pictures – Bondi Beach

Surfside Bondi Beach Rooms

We offer quality bunkroom & private room accommodation all with the beach just metres away.

Share Rooms Both Mixed & Female:

All of the rooms are freshly carpeted have a ceiling fan, open wardrobes to hang your gear & trays under the beds to store your belongings.

Rooms 1, 2, & 7 are small-medium mixed share rooms.

Room 5 is a small-medium female only share room.

Rooms 4, 6, 8 & 10 are mixed medium share rooms that have a double bed in each, perfect for traveling couples on a budget.

Rooms 4, 8 & 10 are offered in winter as perfect double, twin,
triple, quad & family rooms. These are private rooms and contain TV/Dvd facilities.

Rooms 3 & 9 are large dorms for the budget traveler, more beds means less cost but with the same quality as all the other rooms.

(Please note that although we make every effort to give you the exact room requested it sometimes cannot be done. At such time we will provide you with an equal equivalent room. For example if Room 8 is requested but unavailable, Room 4 will be substituted as both these rooms are fundamentally the same.)

Private Rooms; Double, Twin, Triple & Family Rooms

From late January to October of each year we use four of our dorm rooms as doubles, twins, triples & quads. Each room has a double bed and 4-6 single beds, so whether you require a double room, twin room, triple room, quad room or family room we can cater for all.