Bank Account Set up

You need a Bank Account to work in Australia too. All employers will ask you for it, so you need one. Bank Cards take approximatly 5 business days to arrive. Thats OK if you are staying for a week but not really convenient if you stay less. So Surfside Bondi Beach or Surfside Coogee Beach will do the work for you before you arrive so the debit card is waiting at the local bank branch when you arrive. The cost is just AUS$8.00

We use a bank called Westpac, they are in every town in Australia, they are one of the top 3 banks in Australia and they have good website and internet banking too. are not able to place funds into the account until you arrive at the bank and identify yourself and you recieve your bank details and bank card.

You can request the bank account set up on the booking form. please click “book”